Bible Book Club

What is the Bible Book Club

The Bible Book Club was formed in January, 2022 began by reading the entire Bible together. As we finished Revelation, we decided it was so much fun reading and studying together that we would continue. Members of the group currently live in Arizona, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Texas. The journey is open to all women wherever they are. 

Join Us

The Bible Book Club meets on Sunday nights at 7 pm via Zoom.  If you would like to join us for this study and/or if you have family/friends who would like to join in no matter where they live, please contact Susan Goux at

Our Latest Study

Do You Want To Dance? 

The Women’s Bible Book Club is beginning a Lenten study using the book, Hard to Dance with the Devil on Your Back, by Ray Buckley.  In every culture and time, persons of faith, of all ages, have summoned trials and tribulations to find the endurance and strength to “dance.” They have danced with the weight of the world upon their shoulders, sustained by God and others dancing near them.

Ray Buckley is the interim Director of the Center for Native American Spirituality and Christian Study. He has served The United Methodist Church as a staff member of The United Methodist Publishing House, Director of the Native People’s Communication Office (UMCom) for nine years, and Director of Connectional Ministries for the Alaska Missionary Conference.