Help Us Preserve Our Historic Church

Raise the Roof for Bourne UMC

Join us in our mission to replace the aging roof of our beloved church. Your donation will help ensure that our historic building, built in 1831 and added to in the late 60’s remains a safe and welcoming place for worship and community events.

Why We Need a New Roof

The current roof of Bourne United Methodist Church is over 50 years old and has suffered significant wear and tear. Leaks and structural damage threaten the integrity of this historic building. A new roof will protect the church’s interior, preserve its historical value, and provide a safe environment for our congregation and community activities.

You may have noticed over the past three plus years that there have been buckets placed around the church to catch rainwater coming in from a leaking roof. As the leaks developed, patches have been made but other leaks appear, with the most recent bucket/leak being over the stairs to the sanctuary from Sandwich Road. In a recent review of the roof by roofing contractors’ serious concerns were raised: the roof tiles are very brittle and in danger of flying off during windstorms, which would cause more leaks into the church meaning more interior repair as well as roof repair.

The steeple received slate shingles in the late 1970’s, which are in good repair at this time and are projected to have a much longer life span. However, the sanctuary roof last shingled in the late 1970’s and Crain Hall roof last shingled in the early 1990’s are at the end of their useful life. With new shingles can expect about 30 years of trouble-free use.

The Impact of Your Donation

Your contribution will not only help us replace the roof but also ensure that our church remains a cornerstone of the community. A new roof will allow us to continue hosting vital programs, from worship services to community outreach events, like the popular Parish Pumpkin Patch (see accompanying photo). Every dollar brings us closer to our goal and helps us maintain this cherished landmark for future generations.

The Parish Pumpkin Patch supports local food security and sustainable farming. All proceeds go to the Bourne Food Pantry and the Navajo Nation farmers in New Mexico. The Patch is operated by parish members and community volunteers. 

Our Fundraising Goal

Needed for Roof Replacement

Progress So Far

Celebrating Our Generous Donors

Impact Through Your Contributions

Join Us in Securing Our Future

Your immediate support is crucial to help us replace the roof of Bourne United Methodist Church. Every contribution brings us closer to our goal and ensures the safety and longevity of our beloved church. For inquiries, please contact us at or call (508) 759-4898.